tree removal knoxville tn

When your trees become damaged, diseased, or safety hazards, sometimes tree removal becomes necessary. Of course, getting the tree and stump out of the ground is easier said than done. It is crucial to hire an experienced and certified arborist for tree removal to avoid potential safety risks.

First Choice provides the best stump removal and grinding solutions for residential and commercial clients in East TN. We offer prompt service, guaranteed pricing, and safe operation at your property. As an environment- friendly company, we turn your stumps into mulch and use equipment that meets current environmental codes.

tree trimming knoxville tn

Trimming and pruning trees is a crucial aspect of maintaining healthy trees. Trimming and pruning of trees and bushes require regular upkeep and can be a labor-intensive process. If you are looking to take the hard work out of tree care, look no further than the arborists at First Choice. Our professionals have the skills and necessary equipment to assess your trees and properly trim and shape them for optimal health and appearance.

Whether you’re looking to clear your lot to make more space, expand your yard, or you’re planning to build on the site, we have land and lot clearing services that you can depend on. No matter the size of your lot, we work vigorously to ensure your property is cleared by your deadline. Watch your land go through a complete transformation from an unruly vegetation to a picturesque lot. No matter how steep the hill or how flat the land on your property, we are capable of clearing land of any formation.

What People Say

These guys know how to take down large trees, and also trees that have fallen into structures, minimizing damage. I highly recommend First Choice!

Great group of guys can’t ask for anything more. I’ve known them for seems like all their lives, give them a call for any landscaping needs!

You guys are awesome!!! You can tell that they have the experience and knowledge!!

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